Autism Awareness Music Video for Your Classroom

By Jeffrey Schill | Posted on 05.30.2014 | 0 comments
“We can try to see through each other’s eyes, which can be hard to do, but if we try, then we’re one step closer to the treasure of being a community moving on together. So find out all the ways you can help, and in the process you may even find yourself good friends.”
These words of empathy and acceptance are lyrics from the music video you can watch below. The video was released by Good Friend Inc. in advance of their new peer sensitivity film “We All Fit,” which promotes meaningful inclusion of students with autism in elementary schools.


The “We All Fit” music was written and is presented by The Figureheads, a Milwaukee-based band that uses original positive hip-hop music to engage youth and educators in order to develop critical thinking and collaborative skills that result in a greater desire to learn.

For the past seven years we at CPI have held a special connection with Good Friend Inc., a nonprofit organization that fosters empathy for students with autism. We’re proud to support Good Friend and their efforts to teach kids of all abilities how to be good friends.

Keep an eye on the Good Friend website for more to come about the release of their peer sensitivity film.

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