Rejuvenating Your Professional Passion

Spring is in the air, and the beginning of a new season is upon us. The old shackles of winter are quickly falling away, giving way to the beauty of a rejuvenated world. You know what that means? Time for some CEU fever!

It’s a signal injustice to deprive yourself of the ability to grow professionally. There may be numerous trainings that meet the criteria required by licensing boards for CEUs, but with no professional growth or development, there can be no true reward for the participant. Not growing might offer an easy route to meeting continuing education requirements, but nothing worthwhile has ever come easy.

Working professionals often have very limited funds and time to spend when searching through the numerous alternatives for CEUs. However, it’s important to remain vigilant in the search for adequate training, and not just for CEU contact hours.

So how can you as a licensed professional challenge yourself to expand your scope? Here are a few tips to help you achieve this goal through CPI:

Set Goals.
Think about skills you’d like to develop or strengthen and search for trainings that will help you fulfill your goals.

Take Advanced or Refresher Courses.
When taking on-going training, examine refreshers and advanced courses that focus on topics that will have the most impact on your daily work. For example, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training offers a variety of advanced programs for Certified Instructors to incorporate into the trainings they conduct, and formal and informal refreshers for participants to take part in. All these options give you the opportunity to strengthen skills and strategies for addressing a variety of issues.

Keep It Fresh.
If you’re a CPI Certified Instructor, keep in mind that you play a major role in motivating your participants and making your trainings relevant to their concerns. Keep an eye on your mail and email and here on our website for news about webinars, apps, DVD refreshers, new offerings like the Professional Development Series for Educators, and other dynamic tools for keeping your trainings fresh.

Look for the Little Things.
Pay attention to the nuances of training that you may have missed initially, or simply forgotten since the last training session.

There’s nothing wrong with using the same trainings year after year, license renewal cycle after license renewal cycle. But if you make it a goal to extract something new from each continuing education training course, you’ll get a deeper, more profound understanding of the training and how to be more effective and satisfied in your profession.

Continuing Ed is meant to excite licensed professionals about their career choice, and to ensure that the fervor and zest that drove them down their vocational path continues to course through their veins. Taking the road most traveled can disrupt productivity, objectivity, and motivation, but mixing it up in your training can invigorate and revitalize you as much as springtime.

I invite you to join me in celebrating spring by starting fresh mentally, emotionally, and professionally. I am Roshawn Key, always here to help, and I will CEU later!

Check out our current approvals for Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training and Dementia Capable Care training.

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