How Police in Meridianville, AL Handle Volatile Situations

A woman is screaming and jumping on cars. She grabs a stranger’s shirt and hits him in the face. She goes to a fast food restaurant, slaps a worker, and starts throwing food.

How do law enforcement handle a situation like this?

In Meridianville, AL, officers are trained in special skills for de-escalating these kinds of incidents.
“The biggest thing you want to do is get the scene under control,” says Jeremy Hughes of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. “Get the person in a stable place and get it under control.”

The officers started by using Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® strategies to prevent the situation from getting worse. They used verbal and hands-off intervention techniques to calm the woman. And through the process, they determined that getting her mental health care was the best option to ensure everyone’s safety.

The man who the woman hit agrees. “She should get some help, because something’s wrong,” he told WAAYTV.

What do you think of this approach? Should police consider a person’s mental health when deciding how to handle a situation?

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