Nurses for Good Brings Great Resources to Amazing Nurses

Ever dream of ways to not only make your work life better, but to also get the money it takes to fund the projects you have in mind?
That’s what an innovative program at Bon Secours Health System in Virginia (BSV) is all about. Nurses for Good is a nurse-led giving circle, where 1,000 nurses each give $100 to create a $100,000 grant. The nurses then choose how to spend the money they raise. And last year, Bon Secours matched the nurses’ funds.
The process starts with Bon Secours nurses—or sponsors such as physicians, executives, other BSV staff, or even nonemployees­—making contributions. Nurses write grant proposals for the projects they’d like their contributions to fund. Bon Secours offers grant-writing workshops and mentoring to help nurses craft their proposals to address any of three focus areas: Workplace, Lifelong Learning, and Community Health. The Nurses for Good Steering Committee selects the nominees, and member nurses then vote for the winning project or program.
Of the 33 grant proposals submitted in 2014, two grants were awarded. One funds the BSV Certification University, which provides study materials, educational opportunities, and cost alleviation to help BSV nurses obtain continuing education and additional certifications. The other 2014 grant funds BSV’s expansion of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training to acute, outpatient, home health, labor and delivery, intensive care, and Care-A-Van personnel.
Grants for 2015 are being accepted through May 15. Following that, Nurses for Good members will vote for one of three new finalists.
One of the great aspects of the program, says Michelle Dickerson, chair of the Nurses for Good campaign, is that the project doesn’t stop at 1,000 nurses, because anyone who wants to get involved is invited to sponsor a nurse. Listen to this podcast with Michelle to learn more:

What do you think of the Nurses for Good program? If you had something similar in your workplace, what would you want to use the funds for?

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