It was 1980, and the Rubik’s Cube had just begun its worldwide toy box takeover. My older brother had one, and after judiciously jumbling the colors into a kaleidoscope, deviously removed all the stickers and put them back on to look like he had solved the puzzle.
The Rubik’s Cube may not have been “your” toy. Perhaps it was Spirograph or Matchbox cars, Cabbage Patch Kids or Transformers, Legos or rollerblades, or whatever variation of Xbox or PS came out when you most wanted it—and I’d be the last to say you had to stop enjoying any toy after a certain age.
Now, one thing that all these toys throughout all these years have in common is this: At some point, they were all firsts. They were the cool toy, the one that all the kids wanted, the one that not every kid could get. The one where if you did get it, you became the cool kid yourself.
Here at CPI, we do have fun. We work with a great bunch of people! But we also take our jobs very seriously, and have developed our training programs because we take your jobs seriously, too. And right now, we have exciting news for you. 
We’ve been around since the Rubik’s Cube went mainstream. We’ve also been growing and evolving, just as you and your organizations have, to keep in pace with the world changing around us. And sometimes, de-escalating a crisis can feel as challenging as trying to solve that colorful cube.
With this evolution comes a need for more. More tools to organize your thinking around the risk behavior you encounter. More learning models to help you make decisions on the spot and fully evaluate the outcomes. A RESPONSE ContinuumSM and Opt-Out SequenceSM, customizable for your unique needs. More safe physical intervention options and principles that address low, medium, and high levels of risk and restrictiveness.  
In short, our exciting new offering is still Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training—but it’s enhanced Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training, designed to bring you more of what you need to do your job with Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM, while retaining the core program that has helped make CPI a trusted solution worldwide for more than 35 years.
Where can you get this new experience before everyone else? At our 2015 Instructors’ Conference in New Orleans this July! Be among the first to gain the tools, skills, and confidence by participating in the enhanced program right at Conference. Plus, you’ll be building great connections with people who do what do you every day.
Of course, enhanced Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training is much more than a toy or an experience. It’s an investment into a lifestyle that can help you, your staff, and the people you serve stay safe and secure. But we hope you find it just as exciting to discover and use, and keep around for a good long while.
Here are all the things you need to know:  
As a special thank-you for making it this far (and because we started out in the 80s), here you go: Explore 1980s Toys on Pinterest.