Kentucky Law to Require Dementia Training for Nurse Aides

By Terry Vittone | May 24, 2017 | Kentucky | Pending | 0 comments
Nurse aides working at long-term care facilities in Kentucky may soon enjoy the benefit of dementia-specific training under a new law.
Kentucky HB 106, a new section of KRS Chapter 194A introduced on January 6, 2015, calls for dementia-specific training for nurse aides in long-term care facilities. Training requirements include:
  • A nurse aide working in a long-term care facility shall complete at least two (2) hours of dementia-specific training as a part of the facility's initial orientation program. The training shall be completed within the first forty (40) hours of employment.
  • A long-term care facility shall develop or designate a dementia-specific training component within the existing orientation program, and implement it within six (6) months of the effective date of this Act.
  • A nurse aide employed by a long-term care facility shall participate in a minimum of five (5) hours of dementia-specific in-service training each year as a part of the long-term care facility's in-service training.
CPI will continue to monitor this legislation and post updates as they develop

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