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Renewal Is Easier (and Faster) Than Ever at FlexMKE!

This summer, we’re empowering you to choose your own adventure at FlexMKE, the 2017 CPI Instructors' Conference. You’ll have the freedom to focus on the topics that matter most to you, while you enrich your expertise with the person-centered education that remains the cornerstone of CPI. So no matter how you decide to slice it, the centerpiece of FlexMKE for you, the Certified Instructor, is renewal.

Thanks to the flexible options we have for you to renew your certification at FlexMKE, you’ll have the freedom to tailor your experience to best benefit your organization. And you’ll grow relationships and camaraderie that will fortify you to bring the best of yourself back to work—refreshed, renewed, and ready to educate your staff with new options and new insights.
Whoo-hoo! I'm Renewing My @CPI_Training Certification at #cpiconf17!

Is FlexMKE for You? 

How often do you get to focus exclusively on your growth as a Certified Instructor?
FlexMKE is the way to make the certification renewal process work for you. We’re offering a spectrum of opportunities to enhance your expertise and customize the training you provide to the specific needs of your staff. 

You get to choose the timetable and training that make the most sense for you and your organization. We’ve made blended learning such an integral part of this year’s renewal process so that you have more time to get those focused insights from CPI staff that are so valuable at Conference. 

How much would you love to customize your curriculum to the needs of your organization?
At FlexMKE, we’ll be expanding some of our most important modules to give Certified Instructors like you an enriched perspective on priority topics. 

For example: if you choose the One-Day Renewal + Focus on Autism + Autism Spectrum Disorders Workshop, you’ll get not only the online module, but an additional day with CPI staff to walk through tools and templates. This will help you customize the Foundation Course for your staff to include ASD-specific content and examples.  

How awesome would it be to get renewed in one day, instead of three?
If you’ve been certified or re-certified since we released our enhanced content in July 2015, you can renew in just one day at FlexMKE instead of three!

The secret? Just 2-3 hours of online work (that can be easily broken up into smaller, quicker sessions) before you get to Milwaukee. That’s all it takes to get you on the blended learning fast track to renewal—plus, it’s an easy way to see for yourself how blended learning can enhance your process as an Instructor. By using our new, flexible eLearning platform to prep for Conference, you’ll be able to spend more time diving deeply into classroom training and focused topics that matter most to you when you’re here in Milwaukee, hopefully gaining even more value from your investment in attending.

How helpful would it be to see firsthand how blended learning works for Certified Instructors like you?
Our blended program is more than just online eLearning—it’s a powerful training method that can provide a deeper fidelity of core knowledge in your staff by frontloading concepts before a classroom session starts. It molds to the expertise you’ve already developed as a Certified Instructor, so that you can engage participants directly in the most relevant applications of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training for your specific organization. Blended learning also plays very well with the unique demands of your organization’s time and budget allowances by freeing you from some of the structural constraints of the traditional classroom format. 

But don’t take our word for it—take a few minutes to check out a recent episode of Unrestrained, where we spoke with Candace Burckhardt, CPI Certified Instructor. She provided concrete examples from the field about how blended learning took pressures off support staff in her school system, and enabled more people to get consistently trained in less time for less money—while she focused the classroom training in-depth on her staff’s specific needs. 

As you grow relationships and build camaraderie during Conference, you’ll be able to find out how blended learning is empowering Certified Instructors across the country, simply by having one more option to keep their staff current and effective in their Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training implementation.

(And don’t worry, we’re only adding options, not eliminating them.)
You’ll never be forced to switch up your training method if it turns out blended learning isn’t for you, but we want you to try it for Conference so that you can consider what methods of training give you the most freedom to share your wisdom with more of your staff. 

FlexMKE is all about exploring the freedom to teach the way that best serves your organization. That’s why you’ll leave Conference with an Instructor Guide that gives you the tools for both the traditional and blended learning methods, so you’ll always have the flexibility to use the tools that make the most sense. 

Last question—how fun would it be to connect with your colleagues and celebrate your role as a Certified Instructor?
Are you ready to share why you love what you do? Are you excited to soak up some fresh inspiration? FlexMKE’s focus on growth, relationships, and camaraderie is all about strengthening your network of like-minded colleagues by giving you more opportunities to connect, and more ways to learn. 

That’s why you’ll come back from FlexMKE with MORE than just a renewed certification:

You’ll come back with fresh insights and new resources that can make your training more person-centered than it’s ever been—whether you use blended or the traditional approach in your training. 

You’ll come back with a restored sense of joy in the work that you do, after being able to bond with colleagues from across the country.

You’ll come back with a refined focus on Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training implementation and how to make it work for your organization.


FlexMKE Is Perfect for You!

  • With renewal as the centerpiece, we’ll provide the tools you need to make the most of your Conference experience. 
  • We’ll show you how flexible CPI curriculum can be for you to teach. 
  • We’ll get you aligned with our Training Process, stock you with a library of refreshers, and send you home with tons of great ideas for customizing your content. 
  • We’ll connect you with staff, experts, and colleagues who can enrich and encourage you as an Instructor. 
  • We’ll equip you to train as often as you can—whether using formal or informal means—so that your organization can obtain even better outcomes from the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® curriculum.
  • We’ll make sure you understand how blended learning works for you as a blended learning option that you can harness to spend even more time with your participants in the classroom, focusing on application and practice. 

Time is running out to choose your FlexMKE adventure. Register now to renew your certification!