Do you work with kids who display passive-aggressive behavior? Do you need to sharpen your skills for intervening when they get upset or their behavior escalates?
We’re pleased to announce a fun and informative new online resource, The Angry Smile. Developed by Dr. Nicholas Long from the Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) Institute, this three-hour, nine-module interactive course features in-depth instruction on:
  • The development of pathways to a passive-aggressive personality
  • Reasons people use passive-aggressive behavior
  • The five levels of passive-aggressive behavior
  • The Passive-Aggressive Conflict Cycle
  • Eight skills for effectively responding to passive aggressive behavior
  • Six steps for changing passive-aggressive behavior in the long term
Featuring licensed social worker, school counselor, and LSCI Chief Operating Officer Dr. Signe Whitson, this resource uses case studies, video clips, simulations, and real-life examples to help you handle passive-aggressive behavior effectively and compassionately. It includes The Angry Smile book, a downloadable course manual, a study guide, and a test to assess learning.
Whether you work in education, counseling, social work, youth services, or any care capacity with kids, you can provide this resource to all staff in your org to help them better handle passive-aggressive behavior. Completing Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training is not a prerequisite.

Learn more about the course or give us a call for more info.