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Cats and Dogs: The Final Chapter

I figure that a one-day (more like one hour as that is how long the drive will take me) car rental, even with the drop off fee can’t be too awful expensive. I figured wrong. They want 240 dollars. I really hate it when companies try to put the squeeze on me, especially when I look so squeezable, not to mention exhausted and pathetic. I refuse just on principle and the agent tells me that he doesn’t blame me. He also shares with me that his cousin, who just happens to be five minutes away and just happens to have a taxi, can take me to Mitchell for much better cheap price my friend. I am amazed by the sheer luck I have of finding an agent who has a cousin with a taxi right around the corner. What are the odds?!

His cousin walks in and quotes me $220. Funny (strange, not ha-ha) how it’s a price that is only slightly less despicable than what I was offered for the rental. I offer $150. He counters with $200. I offer $150. He counters with $180. I offer $150. I love a good negotiation especially when it involves coercion. I also find my attitude gets oh so rosy when I am being ripped off at one in the morning. We settle on mutual frustration and turn our backs on one another. There is nothing that makes me dig my heels in more than being taken advantage of. It’s then that I remember that I usually pay a flat fee to a reputable cab company whenever I take a taxi from O’Hare to my parent’s house not far away. Wonder if they would accept a flat fee for my Mitchell destination? One phone call later and I’ve got a quote for $100. This I can stomach. The car rental shuttle takes me back to O’Hare and I wait for the taxi. My stomach, however, is not prepared for what I am about to encounter.

For the end of this story, which actually turned out to be the beginning of this series, check out welcome to my nightmare!

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