You Want How Much for a Rental?!

Had to quickly go back through security to try and catch the next outbound flight to Chicago as it was starting to board in 10 minutes. I did not want any delays. But that is usually precisely when you get them. The screeners had to put my carry-on bag through the scanner again. Up the stairs to the tram to try to get to the next terminal on time. You know you are in a big airport when you have to take a miniature train to get to your plane. Such is the nature of travel. Get to the terminal, hop off the tram, bound down the escalator with fingers crossed.

At the gate I find I am in luck! The monitor displays the stand-by pecking order and I find I am 29th! Yeah baby. This is the equivalent of your would-be date telling you that she would love to go to the prom with you just as long as Ray, Bob, Vince, Tony, Dennis, or Ramone don’t ask her first.


I look around at the other prom date wannabes at the gate and realize that misery doesn’t love company when you have to compete with them for a seat on a plane. I am told to be seated and wait for my name to be called. I am so at their mercy at this point that I comply with every directive. They could tell me to board the plane, depart, and arrive at home at the scheduled time and I would absolutely do whatever they . . . Oh wait, they don’t produce miracles like that, do they? I guess that’s why I’m here in the first place.


Nearly everyone at the gate boards the plane, and 20 minutes later I am still waiting. Not trusting anyone to do anything right anymore, I speak with the gate agent and she tells me that I have been put on the stand-by list for the next flight out. Of course, it is at a different gate . . . at the extreme other end of the terminal. I hightail it over and much to my surprise, I am actually third on the list of stand-bys. They finally call my name and I board the plane. I still don’t have much of a plan on how I’m going to get from Chicago’s O’Hare airport to Milwaukee’s General Mitchell airport to pick up my car. The flight is uneventful and we arrive in Chicago on time. But just in time to miss the last shuttle out to Milwaukee. Now I’ve got two choices. Either rent a car or get a taxi. I eventually get information that helps me make a decision. You want how much for a rental?!


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