Premier Meritorious Plaque Awarded to Lafayette Parish School System

Judith Schubert had a special mission: To tell a community just how committed their school administrators are to Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM.
The president of CPI traveled from Wisconsin to Louisiana to personally deliver a plaque highlighting the very message that the Lafayette Parish School System advocates. With two CPI Hall of Merit Certified Instructors in the school system, this meritorious plaque also represents their dedication in training staff to handle challenging situations safely.
Both Carleen Doucet and Mary Landgrave have “trained a multitude of people and dedicated resources to having these people come into trainings, and it's ongoing,” said Schubert. "That commitment is evidence that the entire school system has gone above and beyond." 
Schubert’s visit to Lafayette Parish School System is part of a widespread initiative. In 2014, she’ll be visiting more Instructors at their facilities to learn how CPI training serves as a framework to create customized, relevant training for each specific work environment, and foster connectivity among Instructors, their organizations, and their communities.
Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM isn’t just a philosophy; it’s a foundation on which to build an environment dedicated to safety and success for all. For Lafayette Parish School System, that means putting the focus where it belongs: On learning.
What does your school do to ensure safety and security for students and staff? 

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