Anti-Bullying Training for Teachers and Students

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Teachers, do you feel like you have enough training to handle bullying?

According to bullying prevention advocate Alex Holmes of the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign, teachers in the UK don’t get enough training or support. In fact, 42% of teachers interviewed by the program said they don’t feel equipped to address bullying in their schools.

While data from the UK’s Department for Education reveals that bullying among year-nine students dropped significantly in 2014, Holmes and other experts urge that more needs to be done to prevent kids from being victimized online and off.

“I think we're making massive strides in reducing bullying,” Holmes told Sky News. “But for a majority of young people it's still a huge issue that they have in their lives today. . . . there's a long way to go to make sure every staff member feels confident in tackling bullying and that every young person has the best possible start in life.”

The Diana Award’s Ambassador Programme, set up in memory of Princess Diana, offers staff, parents, and kids training to help them deal with bullying in their schools and communities. Working in partnership with the Department for Education, the program has trained 6,000 kids across the UK to be Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

Learn more about the program and the success that Magna Carta School in Staines is having with peer-to-peer mentorship.

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