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Key Partners at the Allen Cognitive Network Symposium

Hey there! Kim here. In this three-part series, I wanted to tell you about the amazing November I've had this year. I'm very blessed to have had the opportunity to share my message at a number of wonderful events this month. It's so wonderful to get out there and spend time with people who have the same passion that we at Dementia Care Specialists do, the same vision and goals for creating a Dementia Capable Society. Partnering with these individuals is a real privilege. So please sit back and enjoy as I tell you about the energy that came from being with these like-minded partners. I think it's going to help many people in many ways.

Watch Part 2 of this three-part series.

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I had an opportunity to present twice at the 10th Allen Cognitive Network Symposium in Redondo Beach, CA. That wonderful international audience comes together because we believe in Claudia Allen’s Cognitive Disabilities Model, and we’ve been using it and evolving it in practice for many years, so to get together with these individuals is very empowering.
The first presentation I did at the Allen Symposium was with David Schonberg. He’s an owner and an operator of assisted living communities that we partner with throughout the Gulf Coast region. David Schonberg is a real visionary. He’s a man that I wish we could clone and have own and operate all the assisted living communities throughout the US, because he really does sincerely care about the people he serves.
We met a couple of years ago and he introduced himself as someone who admittedly had some room for improvement in memory care. Because he’s so open and honest about that, he wanted to do better for the residents and the families that his communities serve. So Schonberg and Associates partnered with Dementia Care Specialists a couple years ago, and we’ve been creating memory care neighborhoods and memory-care-exclusive assisted living communities.
David and I co-presented at the symposium, and it was really fun to be up there talking about what a memory care program should include, and sharing information about our Warchol Best Abilities Care Model, which combines the key concepts of Claudia Allen’s model with person-centered care. So I presented on the specifics of our care model, and how that helps to drive the daily care and the whole operating system. We start by gathering life stories of every resident, we identify their cognitive level, and we combine that information to provide care for every resident we’re privileged to serve.
What made this presentation extra special was David Schonberg. He was standing up there and sharing from an owner and operator’s point of view, and the advantages of this model, and the challenges of delivering it, and the successes that he’s experienced. I think most importantly what David shared was his passion and commitment to creating a Dementia Capable Society. So thank you, David, for being a part of the symposium—your voice is very valuable.
The other presentation I did at the Allen Symposium that was also very fun and very necessary was with Professor Christine Raber from Shawnee State. We co-presented on Establishing Dynamic Maintenance Programs when working with people with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. It was a powerful presentation as well, as we took people through the basics of what is a maintenance program? What should the content be? What are the key components of a successful and sustainable maintenance program?
We also talked about how legislation and reimbursement guidelines have some specifics about what we need to do in order to get reimbursed as OTs for designing these programs. It was such a pleasure to co-present with Christine—she’s such a pro as an educator, and she’s equally passionate about Claudia Allen’s model and helping to create a Dementia Capable Society.
I can’t wait for the next Allen Cognitive Network Symposium that will be happening in 2016 in New Orleans, LA!