Congratulations to the VA Community Living Centers (CLCs) of Tennessee Valley! As part of the VA’s partnership with CPI, the CLCs of Tennessee Valley have implemented some impressive initiatives.
Last summer I had the pleasure of attending the graduation ceremony of Dementia Capable Care professionals at the VA in Murfreesboro, TN. Just over a year ago the team there, led by Dr. Marvin Stubbs, began their implementation of the training program by certifying several Instructors, who then trained hundreds of their coworkers (doctors, therapists, housekeeping professionals, nursing staff, etc.).
The Medical Center is comprised of several CLCs and encompasses all levels of care, including dementia specialized units, rehabilitation, respite or intravenous therapy, and hospice.
It was evident, from the dozens of professionals in attendance, that this new approach of Dementia Capable Care has been well implemented, well adopted, and ultimately very impactful in the lives of the veterans they serve.
Toward the end of the ceremony, each CLC presented on how the training had re-oriented perspectives, improved care, and bolstered the quality and compassionate focal points of their stated mission.
Here are a few outcomes that impressed me considerably:
  • Use of antipsychotics has decreased to an extreme minimum. Staff members told me, “The person-centered approach has revolutionized how we address our agitated veterans.”
  • “Through deeper discussions, and use of life stories, we were able to connect two veterans who served as prisoners of war in the same camp. This reunion (they were in separate CLCs) animated the souls of everyone involved.”
  • “By interacting at a deeper level with our veterans, we were able to ascertain that a man who was previously viewed as ‘rummaging’ in everyone’s room had been a mailman. He now joyfully delivers toiletries and notes to each room, instead of being viewed as a ‘rummager.’”
These are just a few of the anecdotes shared with me to demonstrate how deeply, and effectively, the culture enhancement has taken hold. It’s amazing to see the increase in confidence of staff members who deal with potential crisis moments, and the deeper connection they have with those they serve.
Enjoy a few photos from the event showing the Certified Instructors, best-in-class presentations, and exemplary leaders of Dementia Capable Care:
I am truly proud of the commitment by Dr. Stubbs and his team to provide outstanding service to those who have served us and our country!