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Goals and Objectives

I received an email from one of our Certified Instructors in Texas recently. She asked how to go about making a plan for improvement within her hospital in relation to violence prevention. She inquired as to what should be included in an overall crisis intervention plan. After some preliminary Q & A we began taking on the area of objectives. After benchmarking where a facility is in regards to readiness, how does one go about choosing objectives? Objectives can include restraint reduction, formal training goals, customer and employee satisfaction and how to improve current crisis prevention and intervention efforts. What sources can be utilized to help us attain the objectives?


We both agreed that legislative and regulatory mandates would drive the objective choices. The law has to be followed and regulatory bodies govern what we can and cannot do in the workplace. I informed her that the Crisis Prevention Institute can really help her with this piece. The institute stays on top of the most up-to-date requirements and then passes that information on to our customers.


A Certified Instructor in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training also has to consider the standards they need to adhere to in order to maintain their certification with the Institute. Compliance with these standards can not only add to overall improvement in the training process within the workplace, but they will also keep an instructor in good standing.


Evaluations are a useful tool in assessing customer and employee satisfaction. They can reveal how others feel about the safety issues within our facilities. What’s more, they can be utilized to solicit comments on what these individuals think can be done to make improvements.


Finally, we certainly want the input of our administration and other decision makers in outlining what our goals should be. This category would include the Certified Instructor. As the one who has their finger on the pulse of the facilities’ crisis management readiness and training efforts, this person can provide valuable insight.


Measuring and working for improvement are tasks that can get buried in the normal, day-to-day job requirements. Yet, if given due diligence, they can actually save us time and energy in the long run, not to mention make our workplaces that much safer.

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