Here’s Why Skilled Dementia Care Is Essential to Ensuring Safety for Our Elders

“For the health of our elders and the health of our society as a whole, we must work together to make sure that this vital change in care occurs.”

In a new video about a health situation involving one of her family members, Kim Warchol, OTR/L, president and founder of Dementia Care Specialists (DCS), calls for action—urging the importance of all health professionals being trained in providing quality care for persons with dementia.

When Kim’s loved one, who is in the early stages of vascular dementia, was admitted to the hospital for a medical procedure, the hospital staff did not perform a cognitive assessment. As a result, the man’s nurse was unaware of his cognitive difficulties, inconsiderate of his needs, and treated him with disrespect when he couldn’t remember how to stay safe and avoid falls.

Check out the video below to learn how we can increase both the safety and the emotional well-being of our elders when we’re equipped with the knowledge, the skills, and the heart to support individuals with dementia with excellent care.

Visit Kim’s blog for a transcript of this video.

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