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Bullying, Harassment, & Civil Rights

When bullying or harassment is based on a protected class and creates a hostile environment, or when bullying or harassment of a student with a disability affects that student’s ability to receive a free appropriate public education, schools have an obligation under federal civil rights laws to take action. Schools looking for a clear explanation about their obligations under federal law to respond to bullying and harassment can now look to a video resource from
Bullying, Harassment, & Civil Rights: An Overview of School Districts’ Federal Obligation to Respond to Harassment features U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and other government officials who walk viewers through helpful information and present resources that support schools’ efforts to address bullying and harassment.
The video explains:
  • What forms harassment can take.
  • Which classes are protected by the federal civil rights laws.
  • Case examples.
  • A school’s legal obligation to address bullying and harassment.
  • Best practices for addressing bullying and harassment.
  • How to create safe environments.

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