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Cedric Moore, Jr. Advocates for Autism and Earns Doctorate

Too often, things are heavy and serious for kids and adults who struggle with developmental differences or mental health concerns. Life can feel laden with weight for individuals and their families.
But for CPI Certified Instructor Dr. Cedric Moore, Jr., it’s natural to lighten the mood for clients in need. “I get a kick out of making people laugh because life’s too short,” he says. “People feel safe and get along best when things aren’t so tense.”
Dr. Moore is CEO of Spectrum Transformation Group, an organization that provides in-home services for individuals with autism and individuals with mental health concerns. He recently earned his DSL (Doctor of Strategic Leadership) degree, and has helped a variety of private and nonprofit healthcare organizations develop their strategic initiatives. Additionally, through his leadership, Spectrum became the first Outpatient Service for Children and Adolescents With Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Track licensed in Virginia by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.
As a Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Certified Instructor, Dr. Moore teaches his staff skills for providing care in clients’ homes safely. “Proxemics is key,” he says, stressing the concept that, especially when people are upset, confused, or anxious, they need their personal space to be respected. Giving a person at least 1.5 to three feet of personal space can help them feel less anxiety, and it can lessen the chances of them feeling threatened or defensive or becoming physically violent. 
Dr. Moore has been a Certified Instructor since 2008, and has been blending autism-specific training with foundational CPI skills since 2011. He was appointed by Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine to serve on the Governor’s Advisory Board of Child Abuse and Neglect, and uses his expertise in social work and leadership to make sure that kids of all backgrounds and abilities feel safe, respected, and have every chance to learn and grow.
Congratulations, Dr. Moore, on your DSL, and thank you for your incredible work!