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Kids Are Worth It®: Breaking the Cycle of Violence

Barbara Coloroso understands how violence can change a child’s self-perception—and not for the better.
It’s not just physical violence, either. Verbal attacks can inflict damage that lasts long after the final school bell has rung. For example, while logically the bullied child might know she isn’t the adjectives being thrown at her, “they begin to succumb,” Coloroso says in a Teen Vogue article. “They think, ‘I really am all those things they say I am.’”
So where do we begin to root out bullying, verbal and physical? Coloroso takes the stance of holding the bully accountable for his or her actions, including facing the person they hurt. And it starts with the parents. In “Stop hassling me: Breaking the cycle of bullying,” [PDF] Coloroso stresses the impact that parents have on their children, from addressing the issue immediately to monitoring and modeling behavior in the immediate and extended family. “If someone called me to say my child was bullying theirs, dinner would be waiting for a while.”
With her background of sociology, special education, and philosophy, combined with teaching and instructing children, Coloroso aims to help everyone affected by bullying:  bullies, bullied, and bystanders.  Check out her six life messages and video below:
Coloroso’s Six Critical Life Messages children need to hear from their parents:
  1. I believe in you.
  2. I trust in you.
  3. I know you can handle this.
  4. You’re listened to.
  5. You’re cared for.
  6. You’re very important to me.

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