MusEffect Inspires Action Against Cyberbullying

Dance and cyberbullying: An unlikely combination?
Not to LA-based non-profit dance company MusEffect. A proud advocate of community outreach, MusEffect has turned their talents to a public service announcement in honor of Bullying Prevention Month: A video intended to inspire action against cyberbullying.
Combining choreography with spoken word by poet Azure Antoinette, young MusEffect dancers illustrate how bullying and cyberbullying make kids feel, especially as “you can torment someone you’ve never met.”

MusEffect has made it their mission to “encourage dialogue on social issues through our art,” cultivating a rich tapestry of positive changes across socioeconomic backgrounds. Check out their choreographed piece from the HALO Dance 4 Autism event that also focused on bullying, and follow them on Twitter here.
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