Music Activities Orchestrate Joy

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More and more, care facilities are adding music to their repertoire of meaningful activities. Benefits can include relieving stress, boosting mood and confidence, and strengthening friendships.
In the UK, a care home welcomes members from an admired orchestra. Residents revel in more than just the harmonies their visitors create; they join in to make their own.
Manchester Camerata performers visit residents to delight their ears, kindle interests, and tap into new connections.
One of the members told BCC News that “it’s such a beautiful thing to be able to use my skills as a musician in a completely different setting, to be able to make connections with people who perhaps can’t communicate in typical ways that we would ordinarily just take for granted.” See the full video.
The language of music can resonate with people when words falter. Verbal and nonverbal residents alike explore new forms of expression and benefit from the music therapy sessions.
Facilities and communities across the US are also enjoying the therapeutic qualities of music, such as in New York, where chorus members with dementia shine and inspire.
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