To This Day—and Beyond

“[T]he school halls were a battleground
Where we found ourselves outnumbered day after wretched day.”
To This Day, a stunning spoken word poem about bullying by Shane Koyczan, went viral in video form in 2013. It continues to teach and inspire every day. Why has this project worked so well?
Authenticity, straight from the poet’s heart. Described as having “furious honesty and a tender humanity,” Koyczan translates his personal experience as a bullied child and a witness to other bullied children to be relevant across social and political borders. He turns bullying inside out, describing with painful precision the way being bullied feels, festers, and grows inside someone, how it doesn’t stop just because the school day does, and how it can leave a devastating legacy long after the school years have ended.
Even though he’ll never forget, Koyczan found that he could craft his pain into messages and images to help others get through their own experiences, and help instill understanding and empathy in kids, parents, teachers, and their communities.
Watch the video here, or listen to the poem and read it here. And check out "Troll," Koyczan's video from the album and graphic novel, "Silence Is a Song I Know All the Words To."
To This Day is also available in an iPad app in English, Spanish, and French, and includes several interactive features. Koyczan’s site also includes links to his tour, his band, Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long, his books, and other projects.
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