Training Tips Corner: Take Advantage of Your Exclusive Benefits!

Your Instructor Certification entitles you to tools and resources available exclusively to active Prepare Training® Certified Instructors. Just a few examples include complimentary refresher training; access to new, existing, and enhanced courses; and access to the all-new Instructor Community.
Take advantage of another unique benefit and enhance your facilitation skills! Our ongoing Exploring the Modules series of webinars focuses on teaching dynamics involved in the Prepare Training® Topic Modules. We design these webinars to help you:
  • Maximize Topic Modules to best meet your organization’s needs.
  • Review facilitation dynamics for teaching Topic Modules.
  • Explore specific content involved in a Topic Module.
You can even earn training hour credits for participating in the Instructor webinars. For each webinar you view, you can earn .25 training hour credits towards your yearly certification hours.
Our latest webinar is designed to help you teach the Challenged by Mental Illness at Work Topic Module.
Keep in mind that none of the webinars present the full Topic Modules. The webinars are not a substitute for the content taught in the modules.
Check out the Exploring the Modules series right now on demand!
Need additional support for conducting Topic Modules? Reach out to or give us a call at 800.787.5166.

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