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Nurses face the greatest risk of horizontal violence at work—and their patients may suffer the aftershocks. Fortunately, this risk can be positively and permanently reversed, with the right training. Read more »
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Nobody wants their child to be a bully, but empathy levels are dropping among youth. One mom developed a powerful exercise to help children (and adults) reconnect to their compassion.   Read more »
In her latest update from the field, president and founder of Dementia Care Specialists Kim Warchol, OTR/L, celebrates one family’s vision for a dementia capable society, and the ongoing legacy of Toni Finn. Read more »
Nurse educator Sara Holland of Virginia Mason Hospital describes how one year of CPI training helped the facility achieve a 55% reduction in emergency team response calls to combative behavior. Read more »
It’s a lot of pressure to try and save the world singlehandedly, so let’s band together in one veteran CPI trainer’s campaign to create an avalanche of little endeavors that can make a big difference.    Read more »
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