As the dialog around classroom management becomes more and more prevalent and complex, finding the resources to help teachers safely address a variety of behavioral issues is critical. Without classroom management resources, educators simply cannot ensure student success.

That’s why schools around the globe are working with CPI to build the kind of prevention and de-escalation skills needed today. From general ed teachers, special ed teachers, behavior specialists, and transportation staff to counselors, security staff, support staff, and administrators—Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training helps ALL staff get a better handle on student behaviors.

Take the Lake Worth Independent School District in Texas, for example. Leaders there identified a need to establish best practices throughout the district, and brought CPI on to help achieve just that.

But getting training often isn’t a question of need; it’s a question of resources.
We understand that finding ways to fund your facility’s safety training can be challenging. Meanwhile, Federal and State governments recognize the need to provide better care for both student and staff safety, and, in turn, are providing funding options to do so.

In fact, there are a number of grants today that are available on an annual basis. And many of them, such as the STOP School Violence Act of 2018, have components relating directly to the principles that comprise CPI’s Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training.

The STOP School Violence Act of 2018 allows schools to apply for one of two different areas of funding: School Threat Assessment, and Technology Development. For more detailed information, visit
The Bureau of Justice Assistance will also have five school violence grants available that total 75 million dollars in 2019. Learn more here.

So, you want to get training, but not sure just what to do next?
We get it. That’s precisely why we’ve put together this helpful School Safety Grants eBook. It’s designed to help you understand the different types of grants available, where you can find them, and tips to follow when applying for grants to fund Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training.
Take the first step in maintaining safety best practices in your district
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