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Use of PBIS Beyond School Settings

School personnel fill the audiences at Positive Behavior Support (PBIS) conferences; the literature focuses most heavily on school environments, and the majority of the resources in the field of PBIS are for school applications. However, it is interesting to note that PBIS has its roots not just in schools, but also in the disability services field as a whole.


Efforts continue today across many organizations and states to implement PBIS strategies in settings outside of school campuses. A recent article in the Association for Positive Behavior (APBS) newsletter as well as this year’s APBS conference agenda highlight these initiatives and send the message that it’s a priority and goal to grow the movement within a variety of fields of service. This is of great interest to CPI as our membership of Certified Instructors is made up of professionals working in diverse settings and roles. For settings in mental health, hospitals, residential treatment, social service program sites, and many others – PBIS values and applications can be of great use.


Oregon is a state that has had a long history of applying PBIS in alternative settings, especially long-term care. PBIS experts in Florida are also continuously exploring the use of PBIS with the age group on the other side of the continuum as well: preschoolers. We have read a fascinating report about PBIS being successfully used in a partnership between Virginia Commonwealth University and Henrico County Public Schools. They are assisting students with autism in a hospital-based internship program.


Share experiences from your setting. How have you adapted the PBIS framework to the population you support?


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