Dementia Care: How to Heal With Heart

Hey there! Kim here. In the video below, I share with you my thoughts about how care partners with heart are key to providing excellent dementia care.

Watch as I talk about the importance of empowering care partners with skills and confidence to help persons with Alzheimer’s to thrive. Because when everyone—from family members to aides to therapists to nurses to administrators—has the passion, skills, and heart to provide the highest level of care, persons with dementia are better able to participate in meaningful activities and experience joy and quality of life.

I hope the thoughts I share with you here help you in your efforts to provide quality care from the heart!

Here's a transcript of "Dementia Care: Matters of the Heart":

Hey there—Kim here. Just getting ready to go into a facility that I’m consulting to, and I spent the morning there, and now I’m getting ready to go back into the afternoon session.

And what amazes me is the amazing heart that these care staff have for serving people with dementia. Really is their heart, their desire, their soul—whether they’re a nursing aide or a nurse, to help people with Alzheimer’s to thrive. But we really need to support them. We need to continue to help them understand what they're doing and why they’re doing it, and giving them the knowledge that they need to be successful.

The barrier is not the care staff. The barrier is us as the leaders. It's the owners, the administration, to make sure that these team members have what they need to be successful so that they have the vision, they have the outlook, they have the skills, the confidence and the competence in those skills, to be successful.

So I just had a great morning here, consulting and learning a lot from our nursing aides, and looking forward to going back in after lunch, and teaching them more, and learning more. Thank you!


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