New PBIS Films: Generating Discussions

Recently, at one of our weekly professional development meetings for Global Professional Instructors here at CPI, we used a mini-film to generate some great discussion about Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) within school settings.

This mini-film is part of a bigger documentary film project called Who Cares About Kelsey? by filmmaker Dan Habib. About 12 minutes in length, Education Revolution at Somersworth High School features a wonderful collection of reflections from students and staff about how PBIS has impacted them. This mini-film teaches us all some powerful lessons about culture change and behavior management within a facility or organization. It may change your perspective on or reinforce your thinking about the concepts of:
  • Limit setting
  • Communicating behavior expectations
  • Meaningful praise-giving/positive reinforcement
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Family engagement
  • Social skill building
  • Causes of behavior

My biggest take-away from viewing the film was seeing such clear evidence of what we here at CPI call the Integrated Experience—the concept that behavior and attitudes of staff influence the behaviors and attitudes of those in their care and vice versa . . . for better and for worse. Check out the mini-film, share it with the staff in your school, and see what conversations it stirs up. We’d love to hear about them and what inspiration the film gives you!         

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