Alec John Gardner Helps People in Need

By Erin Harris | Posted on 09.02.2014 | 0 comments
A 30-plus-year veteran in the fields of social work and mental health care, Alec John Gardner, Clinical Director for Stratford Health Support in Ontario, researches crisis trends and supports vulnerable people during stressful incidents.

In an interview with blogger Lucia Lecuna, Gardner attributes accidents, injuries, and dangerous events in Canada to a growing population and a rise in health problems, and says he believes that proactive safety measures are vital tools for addressing issues.
“What individuals, agencies and companies need these days is safety training and preparedness assistance solutions that are reasonably priced, time flexible and geared to their needs," he told Lecuna. Gardner trains individuals and groups in CPR, first aid, and CPI's Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program. He also runs a counselling and therapy practice and has, over the years, received countless letters of appreciation from the people he has helped.
According to Statistics Canada, Canadians report an increase in perceived health over the last ten years—and a simultaneous increase in mood disorders, pain, and injuries. While different measures of quality of life rise and fall, skilled responders in all sectors are always essential. CPI extends a big thanks to Alec for his dedication to supporting people in crisis, and for his commitment to sharing skills with other professionals who care for vulnerable people.

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