Nominate Someone Exceptional for a CEC Award!

Do you know a youth with exceptionalities who’s making outstanding achievements? Or a professional who’s helping extraordinary kids make strides? Now’s your chance to show them some love with a nomination for a 2015 Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) award!

Meet three of 2014’s winners:

Danielle Kovach
Danielle is a special education teacher at Tulsa Trail Elementary in Hopatcong, NJ. In a Classroom Close-up, NJ video she says about her students: “I hope they realize that whatever goals, whatever dreams, whatever they want to pursue in life—they can. They have the ability, and they have the power to control their own destiny.” What Danielle does to help make this happen for her students earned her the New Jersey State Teacher of the Year Award in 2011, the NEA Award for Teaching Excellence in 2012, and a CEC Professional Award in 2014.

Laurie Gutmann Kahn
Special education doctoral candidate Laurie Gutmann Kahn believes that it’s vital that we understand how kids’ and teens’ identities affect their development and their transition into adulthood. A former special ed teacher, Laurie is working on a dissertation at the University of Oregon that examines the experiences and beliefs about young adults with disabilities who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, or intersex (LGBTQI). Her aim is to help educators, families, and others respect and empower LGBTQI youth who have disabilities, and her work won her a CEC Student Award.

Bronwen Tagoe
Bronwen, who has been blind since birth, plays piano and creates visual art in a variety of mediums. She also has synesthesia, a unique ability to perceive through more than one sensory pathway. That is, she might hear colors or taste sounds. “My hands are my world of sight,” she says. “I use my hands to create canvas, and 3D art pieces, as well as to play beautiful music.” Bronwen won a CEC Yes I Can Award for her excellence in the arts.

Don’t miss your chance to nominate someone exceptional you know! The CEC is accepting nominations for their 2015 awards through October 31, 2014.

Also read about CPI at the 2014 CEC Convention and Expo.

Image from the CEC’s Facebook page.

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