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  • September 26, 2017
  • Amy Ali

De-Escalation Tip of the Day: Set Limits

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This summer, CPI celebrated the fine art (and science!) of setting limits, so today we're sharing all of our greatest hits and deep cuts from our Limit Setting Library*. CPI’s Pam Sikorski observes that, “Good limit setting is really an art, not a science. So regardless of how many years we’ve been working in our fields of practice, there’s always room for growth and digging deeper with your staff on the topic of limit setting.”
When it comes to de-escalation, limit setting is a highly effective and positive way to redirect a person in distress. It’s also a very good way to keep your own approached focused and constructive, instead of reactive and argumentative. Here are some of our best resources for setting limits and de-escalating crisis scenarios safely:
*Okay, okay, this is not a real library. Yet.

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