Announcing the New and Transformed Dementia Capable Care Training Solution

Meeting new long-term care regulatory requirements, a revamped and improved training curriculum focused on managing distress behaviors

Revised to prepare care partners to meet regulatory requirements and customer expectations for person-centered care, the newly transformed Dementia Capable Care training program prepares you to educate your staff on how to prevent and de-escalate challenging situations caused by dementia-related behaviors. With strategies built from cohesive, evidence-based models, Dementia Capable Care training demonstrates effective nonpharmacological behavior prevention and reduction techniques.

The Dementia Capable Care Training Solution

Learn how to deliver consistent staff training rooted in a person-centered approach with Dementia Capable Care training. After completing the entire three-day program, you become a Certified Instructor authorized to teach back at your organization—to build and develop a team fully prepared to deliver the highest quality of dementia care.

Training Outline


Foundation Course

Providing anyone who works in dementia care with a common framework and a best-abilities perspective of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD), you’ll learn behavior management strategies and how to approach care using Allen Cognitive Levels—all to promote best ability to function.


Behaviors Course

A second day of training combining the Allen Cognitive Levels, person-centered Care, and the Crisis Development ModelSM to empower care partners to prevent and de-escalate challenging behaviors. You’ll learn how to decrease the frequency and severity of distress related behaviors through nonpharmacological interventions.


Instructor Program

The third day of training authorizes you to teach the Foundation and Behaviors Courses within your organization. This training option allows organizations to conduct high-quality, cost-effective, in-house dementia training on a continual basis.

Completing this program authorizes you to teach the Foundation and Behaviors Courses within your organization and gives your colleagues the opportunity to earn Dementia Care Specialist Certifications for each course.

Who should attend?

This person-centered training is appropriate for nurses, social workers, aides, staff development coordinators, in-service directors, memory care directors, department heads, and other professional support staff involved in dementia care.

Achieving Positive Outcomes, Together

Built on the knowledge that persons with dementia can feel joy, fulfillment, and love, we empower and support individuals and organizations to deliver person-centered, dementia-capable memory care.

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