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We thought you'd never ask!

How has the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program been enhanced?

We have enhanced the core program in several ways.

Do all Certified Instructors need to attend the enhanced program? If so, by when?

Yes. All Certified Instructors will eventually migrate to the enhanced program and earn an upgraded CPI certification for doing so. This is true even if you are a senior, master, or Meritorious Instructor. The timing will be driven by your own renewal cycle. After July 2015, the next CPI program you attend will be the four-day enhanced program.

Can I renew early?

Of course! We are very excited about getting this enhanced content into your hands. The sooner you can do so, the better. Every Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program scheduled after July 2015 will contain the enhanced content.

What if I don't want or need any of the enhancements? Can I stay with the standard program?

Our intent is for the enhanced program to become the standard. If you don’t feel the enhanced content is appropriate for your staff or if it doesn’t align with your organization’s policies and procedures, you can choose to not include it in the programs you teach. However, as a Certified Instructor, you are required to be trained in all units of the program.

If there’s more content, does that mean the enhanced program costs more?

The enhanced program is priced the same as the current program.

If there’s more content, does that mean the program is longer?

Our Instructor Certification Program is still a four-day training. However, we have adjusted the total hours of the program to 26, rather than 24.

Will there be new workbooks and training materials?

Yes. All training materials will be revised for the enhanced program.

What about my existing inventory of workbooks? Can I still use those?

Once you upgrade your certification and are ready to teach the enhanced content, you will have access to revised training materials. However, if you need to use your existing inventory of workbooks, the guidance document you receive from CPI  will be very helpful. It provides unit-by-unit facilitation guidance for teaching enhanced content using existing materials.

How are the new physical interventions different from the current ones? Will we be teaching floor or prone positions?

There are no floor or prone positions in the enhanced program. The new physical interventions offer staff additional options for responding to low-, medium-, and high-risk behaviors, and address scenarios for responding to individuals who may be seated.

Where did the new physical interventions come from?

The physical interventions come from a very successful program in Europe called MAPA® (Management of Actual or Potential Aggression). In North America, we’ve been offering much of this content through an advanced program over the past two years. The physical interventions have been so well-received that we added them to our core program as options for staff training. We believe they are important skills for all Certified Instructors to learn and teach.

Are the Instructor requirements changing?

Yes. We have replaced the 18 hours of training per year requirement with a two training events per year requirement. We have also eliminated the online exam and will replace it with on-demand Instructor development resources.

How will quality standards be affected?

When you complete the enhanced program, you earn an upgraded CPI certification and reset your renewal cycle. To maintain your upgraded certification, you will be required to re-attend a Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training facilitated by CPI every two years.

Why do we have to come back every two years?

As you know, CPI recommends that Certified Instructors conduct staff refresher training every six to 12 months. By recalibrating your own skills more frequently, you more closely align yourself not only with staff expectations but also most legislation and regulatory frameworks. More frequent training also supports current best practices in adult learning, helps you avoid training drift, and gives you greater confidence and competence when teaching the enhanced content.

With the added content, will I need to schedule longer training sessions with my staff?

How you structure your training day is up to you, but you should be able to get through the program’s core concepts in roughly the same amount of time.

How quickly do I need to get staff trained in the enhanced program?

You can deliver any or all of the enhanced content as soon as you have completed the program yourself.

Are staff’s Blue CardsTM confirmations still valid?

Yes. All CPI Blue CardsTM confirmations continue to hold their same value.

Will there be any changes to advanced programs?

After the enhanced program launches in July 2015, the format of our advanced training programs will be updated and simplified. The courses will be offered as “tasters” at the NOLA Conference, and rolled out as fully updated courses in 2016.

For a time, our organization may have some Instructors with upgraded certifications and some without. Could these Instructors team teach a class?

Sure. That would be a great opportunity for co-facilitation. The Instructor with the upgraded certification can teach the units that contain enhanced content. Another Instructor could teach the other units.

If I have an additional question, where can I get the answer?

We are always willing to answer questions and address your concerns. Just call 800.558.8976.