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Enhancements to
days 1 and 2.

The core elements of the two-day program will be familiar to anyone who has previously attended. In these first 14 hours, additional content is introduced, and new physical intervention skills are incorporated as options.

We’ve updated all our training materials, including the images of familiar
Classroom Models.
After I was trained, I was able to create a syllabus of 60- to 90-minute sessions that breaks down CPI components into more site-specific and team-specific objectives. From a Certified Instructor who experienced the content as a part of an advanced course. Click here to see what others are saying about it.

Enhancements to
days 3 and 4.

The Instructor certification days prepare you to teach the program with enhanced content. You’ll practice CPI’s facilitation methods, and receive guidance and coaching so that you are better equipped to customize programs to your specific needs. Upon completion, you achieve an upgraded two-year CPI certification.

Enhancements to the renewal process.

Given that Instructors will have additional content and options for training, it is important to recalibrate more frequently to prevent training drift when teaching the course. To maintain your upgraded CPI certification, you will be required to re-attend a Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training facilitated by CPI every two years.

Enhancements to refresher resources.

As our development work continues, you’ll see redesigned refresher training materials, advanced Instructor programs, and additional resources to support the enhanced content.

What else is changing?

Hear CPI’s Director of Training Pam Sikorski share her thoughts on how the program enhancements will better equip your staff to make good decisions during crisis situations. She also reveals how the enhancement to the Instructor training process will give you more application opportunities and boost your confidence as a Certified Instructor.

Added content.

Several new learning models and physical intervention options give you highly effective tools to better guide your day-to-day decision making.

Download a PDF of unit objectives and learn what's been enhanced. 

Unit Enhancements

Greater depth.

Within each unit, you’ll take a more intentional look at the thoughts and feelings that drive risk behaviors, and connect them to your professional values.

Download a PDF of the enhanced program’s detailed content outline.

Content Outline