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Think of it as an evolution.

At CPI, we take our responsibility to Certified Instructors seriously. We understand that you deal with complex issues every day, and we want you to have every tool, strategy, skill, option, and resource available to help you succeed. So we listen. We research. We collaborate. We evolve.

Hear CPI Vice President AlGene Caraulia explain why evolution is critical to success.

We have more to share.

Historically, we have enriched the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program by offering additional content as optional, and making it available as an advanced program. That model has worked well, and it still does. But, when we recently offered this newly acquired content as an advanced program, Certified Instructors said, "Wait! Everyone should learn this! Could it become part of the core program?"

You have a voice.

So we rolled up our sleeves and initiated an enhancement project. Our goals were to:

  1. Determine which content was important for all Certified Instructors to learn and teach.
  2. Empower Certified Instructors with options to increase the program's relevance.
  3. Reshape the Instructor development process and standards to promote best practice.

Standards aren't static.

As the standard-setting provider of crisis prevention and intervention training, we know organizational leaders rely on us to establish best practice for overall staff training. There's a lot to consider, including regulatory guidelines, legislation, restraint research, professional values, and adult learning principles.