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This is your online ready reference guide that provides you with all essential information needed to purchase seats, enroll participants, and successfully implement and document training.


Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Flex is a blended learning program, which uses both online and in-person learning experiences.

Online Session
Classroom Session
  • Anywhere, anytime access to Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training.
  • Online training includes basic definitions, concepts, and activities.
  • Before attending the classroom session of the training, participants must complete online modules at their own pace.
  • Participants can view online sections of the training on their computer or tablet.
  • The Learner's Guide is provided to participants to support their online learning.
  • Physical interventions are taught in the classroom session only.
  • Participants attend the classroom portion of the training prepared to discuss and apply concepts and models.
  • Physical interventions are practiced in the safety of a controlled classroom setting.
  • Instructor role shifts from teaching new content to:
    Reviewing concepts and models.
    Leading discussions.
    Facilitating activities and exercises.
    Teaching physical interventions and providing practice opportunities with feedback.

Purchasing training materials

Begin by purchasing participant seats to the online course. Purchase a participant seat for every staff member you plan to train.

How to purchase seats
  • Open the Crisis Prevention Institute website.
  • Log into the website with your Instructor account information.
  • Enter "Flex" in Search Products.
  • Select the number of seats you would like to purchase.
  • Add to your shopping cart and complete your purchase.
What you will receive
  • You will receive an email confirming the number of participant seats you purchased.
  • You will receive one Participant Job Aid via mail for each seat purchased.

Setting up your training

After purchasing your seats, the Crisis Prevention Institute website can help you quickly register your participants.

Registering participants
  • Open the Crisis Prevention Institute website.
  • Select the My Classes icon.
  • Select Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Flex from your course options.
  • Click the Add Class icon.
  • Set up your class by completing Class Name, Date, and Instructor fields. Be sure to select the appropriate Market for scenarios, examples and images in the course that are relevant to your setting.
  • Click submit.
Adding a participant
  • Click Class Name.
  • Select the Add Participants icon.
  • Enter Participant's Email. (You can only enter one email per participant. We recommend using the participant's work email.)
  • Enter Participant's First and Last Name.
  • Click Submit.

Accessing Flex course materials

The materials listed below can help you facilitate in-class discussions and activities and help your participants apply their knowledge.

Participant Job Aid

Participants will refer to this guide during the classroom training. CPI will ship a Job Aid for each participant seat purchased.

Preparing your participants for training

Maximize your participants' online learning experience by completing the following steps.

Preparing your participants for training
  • Send participants email invites 2-3 weeks before the classroom portion of the training.
  • Advise participants to plan 2-3 hours to complete the online portion of the training.
  • Provide your contact information.
  • Remind participants to answer questions in their Learner's Guide as they complete the online modules.
  • Inform participants that they must score 80% or higher to successfully pass the online quiz.
  • Ask your participants to complete the Flex online evaluation when they complete the online portion of the training.
  • Notify participants of the date, time, and location of the classroom portion of the training.
  • Remind participants to bring their completed Learner's Guide to the training.

Preparing for the in-class training

To make certain your training is engaging and meaningful for your participants, complete the following steps.

Preparing for the in-class training
During the in-class session
  • Confirm you have a sufficient number of seats and Job Aids for each participant.
  • Schedule the classroom portion of the training and make appropriate room and media arrangements.
  • Send participants confirmation and reminder emails about the date, time, location, and expectations for the classroom portion of the training.
  • Review the online modules to refresh your memory and connect online examples to classroom activities.
  • Review the concepts, activities, and exercises included in the Instructor Guide.
  • Provide information about yourself and successes with Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training.
  • Give details about your facility's goals and expectations concerning the training.
  • Use your Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Flex Instructor Guide as your training resource.
  • Refer to your Instructor Guide to prepare classroom exercises and role-plays.
  • Review the Flex Participant Job Aid, and use it to reference the models and Practice and Apply activities.

Concluding and documenting your training

Complete the following steps before, during, and after you document your training. Click here to document your Flex training online.

Required information
  • Provide each participant a post-test at the end of the training session (post-tests may be copied from Instructor Guide).
  • Ask each participant to complete the course evaluation (course evaluations may be copied from Instructor Guide).
  • Grade participants' post-tests. CPI recommends participants answer 80% of the questions correctly to successfully pass the post-test.
  • Sign and distribute the Blue CardTM located in the back of each participant's Job Aid, and tear out the page for documentation.
  • When you document your training, be sure to include the physical interventions omitted from your training in the comments section of the online documentation form.
  • Inform your HR or staff education department of content or physical interventions omitted from your training.
  • Review course evaluations and plan your next training.

Supplemental online resources

All the information you need to provide a successful Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Flex training is available to download.

Technical support

Crisis Prevention Institute provides technical support if you or your users are having any problems with the program.

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