Introducing Flex

The CPI Blended Learning Delivery Platform


How It Works

with Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training

The Flex ONLINE Experience

The Flex experience starts with your participants completing the online portion of the course, which introduces them to the basic concepts of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training.

During the online portion, participants use a downloadable Learner’s Guide that ushers them through each module, encourages note-taking, and challenges them to consider their own workplace realities and apply the content. Participants bring their Learner’s Guides filled with their own reflections to your classroom session.

The Flex CLASSROOM Experience

In blended learning, your focus as a Certified Instructor shifts from delivery of knowledge to facilitating how to apply the knowledge to your unique environment.

Learners come to the classroom portion with a foundational knowledge (key terms and definitions) already in place. They will be prepared to discuss how they can apply the models and techniques learned, and they will practice these skills in the classroom.

The classroom is also where participants learn and safely practice any applicable physical disengagement and/or holding skills for managing risk behavior.

Participants Receive Blue CardTM Confirmation

When both the online and classroom portions are completed, you can sign and distribute participants' Blue CardTM confirmations, which are located in the back of each Participant Job Aid.

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