Certified Instructor Materials

QuickStart Guide

The QuickStart Guide is an innovative online tool that offers easy access to facilitation information. It includes details about how to purchase seats and register participants, support your staff during their online training, and prepare for the classroom session. The QuickStart Guide also gives you information about how to document your training, access related resources, and obtain technical support if needed.

Instructor Guide

The Instructor Guide is your primary training resource. It contains all the information you need to facilitate a complete Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Flex classroom training. This guide, along with reflections your participants have recorded in their Learner's Guide, will facilitate discussions and activities, and help participants apply their knowledge. It's important to familiarize yourself with these materials before the classroom session.


The post-test is designed to measure the achievement and effectiveness of the program. You will also find a blank post-test in your Instructor Guide. Please make copies of the test and provide one to each participant at the completion of the classroom session.

Participant Evaluation

The evaluation provides participants' reaction to the program and an assessment about how much they think they learned. You will also find a blank evaluation in your Instructor Guide. Please make copies of the evaluation and provide one to each participant at the completion of the classroom session.

LMS Access

Instructors receive access to CPI’s Learning Management System. This allows Instructors to set up, manage, and review the progress of their participants taking the online course.

Flex Participant Materials

Online Learner's Guide

Your learners will download this guide and use it while they are completing the online portion of the program. It allows a place for participants to complete their self-assessments and reflect on how they can apply what they've learned to their workplace. As the Instructor, you will refer to the Online Learner's Guide often and use the learners' reflections to guide classroom discussions and activities.

Participant Job Aid

A Job Aid for each of your participants will be sent to you to distribute at the start of the classroom session. This valuable takeaway gives participants a great resource for reviewing the definitions, models, and frameworks of the course. It is an important part of the ongoing Training Process, and also contains CPI’s Blue CardTM confirmation to verify course completion.

Online Access

Participants receive online access to the course. This portion must be completed before attending the classroom training. Certified Instructors can preview the online course by following these steps:

  • Log in to your account at crisisprevention.com.
  • Click My Classes.
  • Click Nonviolent Crisis Intervention ® Flex.
  • Select your market from the dropdown menu and launch the course.
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