You can do something
about school safety.

CPI training keeps your entire school district safer, so that teachers can teach, and students can thrive.

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Violence doesn't happen in a vacuum. It happens on a continuum.

From verbal disrespect to physical assault, a range of behaviors can fuel violence in your school. You can learn to accurately gauge them and proactively address them.

They did something about school safety…

School districts like yours are building meaningful cultures of caring and safety.

Every staff member gets trained. Every student matters. Every school becomes safer.

…and the outcomes will amaze you.

Over 50% reduction in challening/disruptive behavior

"With CPI, staff really do feel more confident about making decisions on the spot. Also, the culture at schools is much more inclusive and supportive." [2]

Up to 75% reduction in out-of-school suspensions

"[CPI training] prevents staff and students from experiencing potential harm and it equips staff to handle a range of situations from escalating behaviors up to potentially dangerous behaviors." [4]

"When in CPI training, staff members have the opportunity to share concerns and ask questions…the training helps them hear that they are not isolated in dealing with problem behaviors in their own schools. It gives all a chance to come to a common solution." [5]

Up to 90% reduction in staff assaults

"Using CPI training has led to improved student outcomes, because of an increase in direct instruction time." [7]

Up to 95% decrease in restraint & seclusion
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Hear directly from an administrator–the Marion County school district has measurably reduced risk, improved outcomes, and established a meaningful culture of caring and safety in every school.

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CPI training brings every level of school staff to common ground.

With the gold standard of crisis prevention training and the core values of Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security℠, your team will have the confidence to prevent and safely address the full continuum of behaviors that can spark violence. It integrates seamlessly with restorative practices and PBIS approaches. CPI training supports all best practices recommended by mental health professionals, law enforcement, and health and safety regulators.

Here's what schools like yours have achieved.

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We've thought of every staff member and every situation–and the areas of your school with the highest risk might surprise you.

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