Training solutions that fit every school district and every person on your staff.

We've spent almost 40 years working in all kinds of school districts with all kinds of staff. Our Risk Stratification Matrix draws from the data we've gathered. It can help you clock how much risk staff members are really facing—and what solutions generally work best for their roles.

But this is just the beginning—we'll customize the perfect training mix for your district as part of your free consultation.

High Level Risk

Medium Level Risk

Low Level Risk

Who: Special Education Teachers, BD/ED Classroom Staff, General Education Teachers, Resource Officers, Administrators

Advanced Training ‐ more tools for risk assessment and problem solving, plus additional physical intervention options

Who: Office Staff, Bus Drivers, Paraprofessionals, Ancillary Staff, Teacher Assistants

Modified Training ‐ verbal intervention strategies and select physical intervention options

Who: Lunchroom Staff, Custodial Staff, Volunteers, Coaches/Intramural Sports Staff

eLearning Solutions ‐ on-demand digital content that introduces core values and best practices

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We'll give you a detailed risk assessment and a customized training solution that fits your school district.

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