Hall of Merit

Here at CPI headquarters in Milwaukee, WI, our Hall of Merit recognizes exceptional Certified Instructors who are committed to a continuous Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training Process that promotes Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM for those they serve.
These Instructors validate the powerful impact of training, serve in an advisory capacity to CPI, and help us shape new initiatives.  
To be singled out and recognized for your hard work makes you feel good.

-Angie Peterson, Program Manager, Consumer Direct Missouri, Columbia, MO
The following criteria of merit are considered in the Hall of Merit selection process:
  1. Number of staff trained
  2. Continuous years as a Certified Instructor
  3. Attendance at CPI training programs for Instructor development
  4. Classroom hours trained
  5. Total classes taught

adjective, mer-ə-ˈtȯr-ē-əs: Deserving of honor or esteem; admirable

The following Instructors demonstrate an exceptional level of expertise in conducting their trainings. Congratulations!

Meritorious Instructors Inducted 2015
Angela Clay Jeffrey Sledjeski Peter Cruz
Anthony Serpa Jennifer Creeden Placide Francois
Barbara Williacy Joan Duris Randy Paget
Bill Marlin Joanne Courchesne Randy Zur
Brenda Flowers Joseph Anastasio Renee Petkovich
Brenda Johnson Karen Fountain Rich Zeidler
Brenda Dussault Katherine Wong Richard Whitehead
Brenda Boyd Katrina Stewart Robin Taplette
Carl Moss Keith OConnor Ronald Gipson
Charles Conant Kim Echols Sandra Savin
Charles Tibbs Larry McFarland Scott Peterson
David Griffin Lavone Lesperance-Caron Shannon Buchanan
David Villiotti Lisa McCabe Shawn Edwards
David Foskett Lynne Maslowski Shirley Earley-White
David Studer Mahdee Raiees-Dana Stephen Rousseau
Debbie Thibault Marla Sebu Stuart Douglas
Denice Jones Marvin Nordeen Sue Taylor
Denyce Hill Maureen Nicholas-Chance Susan Vetter
Eric Devore Melvin Crabill Suzanne Stelmach
Frank Laucher Michael Anderson Sylvia Christian-James
Frederick Bryant Michael Hill Sylvia Garcia
Gwendolyn Allen Mike McGuire Thomas Scheumann
James Givens Milinda Davis Tom Kreycik
Jane Hughes Patricia Weber Tracey Krysa
Janie Branstetter Paula Ferrell William Schneider
Meritorious Instructors Inducted 2013
Alphonso Wade James White Madelyn Autry
Amy Johnson Janice McFadden Marc Evans
Angela Peterson Jeannette Fraser Marcus King
Angeline Brechlin Jeffrey Holter Maria Campbell
Barbara Gunn Jim Simpson Mark Braun
Barbara Kimmel John Larsh Martha Milburn
Barbara Manzanares John Macha Mary Landgrave
Barbara Takacs Judith Miller Michael Bell
Carleen Doucet Karen Guth Michael Karabin
Char Cole Karen Lunam Mitchell Freihoff
Chris Briggs Kathleen Schneider Patricia Steele
Clifton Parker Kenneth Harkless Patrick Lewis
David Lee Kenneth Wheeler Randy Paget
David Ring Kim Paetzel Rob Harnack
David Wilkinson Kristen Marr Ronald Salda
Dexter Stone Laura Gervasi Ruth Titter
Diane Braker Lawrence Underwood Sherry Price
Donna Mesker Leo Coughlin Tami Volz
Edward L Hayes Leslie Bernsen Therese Brilliandt
George Smith Linda Welch Timothy Moore
Glynis Quinn Lisa Kuntz Timothy Price
Haifa Noujaime Lloyd Sheets Timothy Starr
James Strong Louise Bick Victoria Clark
James Swain    
Meritorious Instructors Inducted 2011
Bil Easley John Wisdorf Michael Winfield
Brian Wolfe Jonaire Bowyer-Smyth Nikki Coulson
Chris Procter-Abraham JR Cantu Oliver Doyle
Craig Dohse Kathy Hemingway Pamela Schenkel
Dan Wichman Kimble Morton Penny Panettiere
Eric Stewart Larry Hardy Reginald Jackson
James Getty Lawrence Martinez Robert Garcowski
Jan Armstrong Linda Sussman Sandra Mumford
Jeffery DeMars Luke Perry Sarah Mixell
Joe Simmons Maria Navone Shari Carlson
Joel Haberland Mark Scott Terri Jaske
John Connor Michael Johnson Walter McCallum

Light Up Your Name!
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