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You want your residents to enjoy the high quality of life they deserve.

But providing outstanding dementia care is not easy.

Just as health care costs are soaring, budgets often shrink. Communities struggle to stand out, face constant changes, and compete with new owners and developers entering the industry.

Not only that, staff are often unsure of how to appropriately address residents’ behaviors. They might feel scared that their safety and residents’ safety is at risk when tension mounts. They might feel like their jobs are difficult, frightening, or stressful.

That’s when staff turnover runs high. Morale sinks low. And meanwhile, the market is so saturated that census and revenue can be tough to maintain.

But you can reduce all these challenges.

That’s why we offer total solutions.



Develop a confident, capable team with our dementia training programs.


Design a dementia capable environment using our consulting services.


Put the systems in place to deliver person-centered, dementia capable care.


Our total solutions empower:


Nursing staff

No matter what someone’s living with, as a nurse you care for them, advocate for them, and make them feel comfortable and safe. We give you even more dementia-specific skills to reduce stress, falls, infections, hospital admissions, skin breakdowns, depression and anxiety, and everything your patients need your help with.

“DCS has opened the door to understanding dementia and the behaviors associated with it.” —Debbie Haskins, Nurse, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services


As a therapist, you’re in a prime position to maximize the remaining abilities of the people in your care and support their engagement in life. Our therapist training and consulting is designed by therapists for therapists. Whether you’re an OT, a COTA, a speech-language pathologist, a physical therapist, or a PTA, we’ll help you transform your clients’ lives.

“DCS provides a better understanding of the dementia process and helps staff understand how important their approach and interactions with the residents are.” —Brenda McCarroll, Occupational Therapist, Sava Senior Care Administrative Services

Support staff

Support staff are truly on the front lines of care. Whether you direct activities, provide transport, aid grooming and bathing, provide meal assist, help with incontinence, do housekeeping, or offer support in any way, you face the brunt of the behaviors that can come with dementia. Our job is to help you make your job less stressful and more rewarding.

“Staff report having a better understanding of dementia care and of working with people displaying a range of behaviors. They’re doing a great job of engaging residents in meaningful activities.” —Tracey Borysko, Certified Dementia Practitioner, Memory Care Director, Bright Oaks of Aurora


As an owner, administrator, or executive, you know that transforming memory care starts with you. We’ll help you lead that change and achieve the financial and human benefits of having an exceptional training program, family support, and homelike building design. Partner with us and position your community as a model of excellence.

“When it comes to designing our memory care communities, we partner with the world’s leading Alzheimer’s experts like DCS.” —David Schonberg, Owner, Schonberg Care


The key to designing a beautiful memory care community is building it around the cognitive levels of the residents. That takes partnering with dementia care experts so you can identify the stages of dementia you’re designing for. We’ll help you be on the forefront of designing dementia-friendly spaces that truly support individuals and the people who care for them.

The results

98% of our customers agree: DCS improves staff skills in promoting positive behavioral responses.

73% say we give them a competitive edge, which yields a

Want to raise the standards for dementia care?Get started with total solutions!