Education Professionals

Strengthen student outcomes, and foster a positive school climate for all students and staff.

Training Programs Designed to Manage Risk Behaviors

CPI training programs provide strategies and techniques for all levels of educational professionals, from district administrators through classroom staff.

These strategies and techniques focus on the Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security of all students and staff with evidenced based de-escalation and crisis prevention approaches.

  • Prevent escalating behaviors
  • Intervene and de-escalate risk behaviors
  • Reduce or eliminate use of restraint

Verbal Intervention Training

Verbal Intervention Training is perfect for schools or districts that require a completely non-physical approach to intervention. This training focuses on de-escalation strategies resulting in safe, non-restrictive interventions.

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Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training – Trauma Option Available

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training provides your educators with the skills to safely recognize and respond to everyday crisis situations. The training complies with all current legislation and is evidence-based and fully accredited, so your teachers can earn continuing education credits.

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Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® With Advanced Physical Skills

For educators and administrators who have a higher need for physical interventions we offer, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® With Advanced Physical Skills. This training provides educators in higher-risk environments the skills to safely de-escalate verbal and physical crisis situations.

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Classroom Culture Training

Classroom Culture is for school leaders and educators interested in improving the culture within each classroom. This training provides techniques to implement consistent and sustainable standards to prevent, or mitigate, the need to leverage de-escalation interventions.

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Education Success Stories

“Because of an increase in direct CPI training instruction time, we’ve experienced an improvement in student outcomes – test scores, student grades, graduation rates.”

Celeste Allen, Security
Milwaukee Public Schools

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Renewal Programs for Autism and Trauma

We provide multiple renewal certification programs for Certified Instructors, including specialized programs for schools or districts who serve individuals with autism or trauma.

CPI Delivers Results


Improvement in School Safety

96% Improved Overall School Safety

Our customers have seen significant improvement in staff de-escalation skills and overall safety.


Improved Staff Skills

89% Improved Staff Skills and Confidence

Our programs prepare staff with the confidence to react appropriately.


Reduced Restraint Use By 50-100%

58% Helped their schools reduce restraint use by 50-100%

The majority of schools see a 50-100% reduction in restraint and seclusion.

Create a safe, respectful school culture that enables students to thrive.

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