​Instructor Certification

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Three-Day Instructor Certification Program

Become certified to teach staff in your organization.

Instructor Candidates master knowledge and skills to teach the Prepare Training Program Foundation Course and all the Topic Modules. This includes effective techniques for facilitating a group and developing a unique presentation style. Instructor Candidates will also be assessed for understanding of program content. Upon completion of the Instructor Certification Program, successful candidates are then CPI Prepare Training Program Certified Instructors. Instructor Certification is the most cost-effective way to implement the Prepare Training® program throughout your organization.

Participants in the Prepare Training® Instructor Certification Program will be empowered to:

  • Convey the program's philosophy and content to other employees.
  • Invoke CPI’s powerful adult teaching formulas and techniques.
  • Develop specific strategies for creating an effective learning environment.
  • Apply Prepare Training® concepts and skills realistically in the workplace.
  • Reinforce learning through an ongoing Training Process.
  • Select and incorporate Topic Modules into the process.

Please call 800.787.5166 to schedule for a Prepare Training® program.