​Program Overview

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Build a Respectful Workplace Culture

The Prepare Training® program provides participants with skills that build confidence to effectively deal with irrational, angry, hostile people. The course teaches an organized understanding of crisis situations and how to safely respond to those behaviors. Employees become part of a solution rather than a contributing factor to crisis situations.

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Foundation Course

The Prepare Training® Foundation Course provides a framework for improved communication and de-escalation of disruptive situations. These outcomes are best reached with units that are linked to one another and to organizational policies and procedures. Each of the seven units introduces skills and strategies to incorporate into problem solving and decision making when faced with disruptive situations.

Participation in the Prepare Training® Foundation Course will empower participants to:

  • Recognize early warning signs of anger or hostility.
  • Effectively utilize personal space, body language, and paraverbal communication to relieve tension and defuse hostility.
  • Employ verbal intervention strategies to de-escalate situations before they become more disruptive or potentially dangerous.
  • Maintain an objective and professional attitude when responding to an agitated individual.
  • Invoke four priorities essential to your organization’s Violence Response Procedures.
  • Effectively debrief once Tension Reduction occurs.

One-Day Foundation Seminar

A Foundation Seminar consists of the Foundation Course and one of the Topic Modules. This structure allows organizations to tailor program content to specific workplace needs.

This seminar can serve as a stand-alone option or as the basis for Instructor Certification.

Learn more about the different Prepare Training Topic Modules.

After attending the Foundation Seminar, we offer the option of the Instructor Certification Program. Instructor candidates receive two additional days of training that authorize them to teach the Prepare Training Foundation Course and all the Topic Modules.

Please call 800.787.5166 to schedule the Prepare Training® program.