The passage of the following bill presents an exciting opportunity for county offices of education to develop a comprehensive strategy and program that could go on to become a model for effective school safety across California. Plans can include programs such as CPI’s Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training program.
The California budget bill AB 104 was adopted on June 24, 2015. It took effect immediately for the 2015–2016 California Fiscal Year. It allocates $10M to a county office of education, or two county offices of education applying jointly, for implementation of the best proposal that is chosen by the California State Department of Education to utilize the funds.
  • The Department of Education will be putting out a Request for Proposals that can be submitted by either one or two county offices of education. The proposals can be varied, or cover a wide array of subjects related to instruction, interventions, mental health, and academic and behavioral supports.
  • The recipient(s) of the funds can use both existing and new resources under a number of strategies including train-the-trainer models or providing stipends to school personnel to attend training. They can also be used for implementing evidence-based practices.
  • One of the main goals of the program is to provide services that can reduce the need for a pupil’s referral to special education or placement in more restrictive, isolated settings.
CPI Training Is an Effective Tool in School Safety
Schools throughout the US use our Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training program because it focuses on prevention, de-escalation techniques, and other alternatives to restraint. Our train-the-trainer program helps staff identify underlying causes of student behaviors, and how staff and student behaviors affect each other. The program also emphasizes:
  • Evaluating risk of harm and signs of distress
  • Documenting incidents
  • Safer, less restrictive holding skills to be used only as a last resort
  • Behavioral supports
  • Implementing evidence-based practices
How to Get Training
We can bring the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training program on-site to your school, or you can attend training in one of more than 150 public locations throughout the US.
Additional Courses
CPI also offers courses and resources on autism spectrum disorders, trauma-informed care, integrating PBIS with training, and many more topics to help you increase care and safety for everyone in your school.
More Resources
Get helpful hints for crisis intervention and learn about CPI training and restraint reduction.