California SB 1143, Restrictive Options in Juvenile Facilities

By Terry Vittone | September 26, 2016 | California | In Effect
California SB 1143, Restrictive Options in Juvenile Facilities
California SB 1143, relating to room confinement at juvenile facilities (including halls and camps), was enrolled on August 29, 2016. Since the governor has not vetoed this bill within 12 days of its enrollment, it is, according to the California legislative process, approved into law. The bill:
  • Relates to the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act, which authorizes the involuntary detention of a juvenile for 72 hours for evaluation after they have been determined to be dangerous to themselves or others.
  • Mandates that room confinement shall not be used unless less restrictive options have been attempted and exhausted, and unless attempting those options poses a threat to a staff member or a minor.
CPI Training Can Help Your Facility Comply With the Legislation
CPI offers training and resources to help facilities meet legislation like the California bill. Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training equips staff with techniques for both the prevention of and the safe use of restraint. With a focus on prevention, the program can help you make staff and detainees safer.
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