The state of New Jersey has proposed a bill concerning the restraint and seclusion of students in private schools.
NJ SB 1163 specifies that a school district or an approved private school for students with disabilities that utilizes physical restraint on students with disabilities shall ensure that:
  • A student is not restrained in the prone position, unless a physician authorizes the use of this restraint technique.
  • Staff members who are involved in the restraint of a student receive training in safe techniques for physical restraint and that the training is updated at least annually.
  • The parent or guardian of a student is immediately notified when physical restraint is used on that student, which notification may be by telephone or electronic communication.
  • A full written report of the incident of physical restraint shall be provided to the parent or guardian within 24 hours of the occurrence of the incident.

Once passed, the bill shall take effect immediately.
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