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Is your goal to develop a person-centered dementia care program or facility?

We collaborate with owners and builders to develop state-of-the-art memory care communities.

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Our memory care consulting can help you with:

Business Development

Which services should you offer to stand out as a market leader? We’ll help you determine the right memory care facility to build, given internal and external market conditions.

Environmental Design

Want your residents to thrive in a state-of-the-art, dementia-friendly environment? We work alongside architecture and design teams to help you build supportive, functional spaces for residents and staff.

Assessment and Audit Solutions

Need to ensure your compliance with industry standards? We’ll prepare your community to align with regulations and requirements such as Joint Commission Memory Care Accreditation and the Focused Dementia Care Survey.

Memory Care Programming

It’s critical to have holistic, advanced programming in place to support your residents. We can help you enhance a system you already use, or we can help you implement our comprehensive, evidence-based Warchol Best-Abilities Care Model℠.

The Warchol Best-Abilities Care Model℠ helps you achieve your goals

It's based on the belief that every individual with Alzheimer’s/dementia is unique. It's designed to work in tandem with an optimized physical environment to help you improve your residents’ health, safety, functional independence, and quality of life.

When you make The Warchol Best-Abilities Care Model℠ part of your care approach, you’ll have skills and customized tools to:

  • Simplify a resident’s world, find the just-right level of challenge to engage them in activities, reduce fear and anxiety, and enable vitality
  • Gain their trust, make their social and physical environment supportive, and help them feel a strong sense of independence, pride, and self-worth
  • Provide exceptional person-centered, stage-specific care that helps the person thrive—not just survive

Your facility can also earn Distinguished Provider recognition when you build your care on The Warchol Best-Abilities Care Model℠.

Our implementation workshops help you run your programming smoothly

Putting best-in-class training and a comprehensive care model into action is no easy task. That’s why we developed our implementation workshops: to help you make person-centered, stage-specific care a reality.

Please note: the Dementia Capable Care: Foundation Course is a prerequisite for these workshops.

CORE Module

CORE gives you the building blocks for delivering life-changing care. It's where you begin. Using the cognitive assessment suite, you’ll learn how to create individualized care plans for each resident to improve their quality of life, engagement, health, and emotional well-being.

Activities Module

Activities are the heart and soul of a quality memory care program. In this workshop, your leadership team will learn to create individualized activity plans. You'll learn how to use our activity assessments and tool kit to create calendars and customize activities to individual interests and preferences.

ADLs & Daily Routine Module

It’s critical to facilitate your residents’ remaining abilities to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) as independently as possible. In this workshop, your team will learn to create individualized ADL plans. You'll learn to prevent avoidable ADL decline and help your residents maintain function. You’ll also get tools for staff planning based on your residents’ needs.

Behavior Management Program Module

Managing behaviors safely is imperative. So is reducing altercations, injuries, and the use of psychotropic drugs. In this workshop, your team will learn a systematic way to create individualized, nonpharmacologic, person-centered behavior management plans.

Other memory care program components are also available, such as admission, admission exclusion and discharge criteria, and HR tool kit.

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