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Your exemplary care and dedication to your clients, colleagues, and organization deserve to be recognized and supported.

By completing the Dementia Capable Care (DCC) Instructor Certification Program, you will become a certified instructor and be certified to teach Dementia Capable Care according to your CI agreement guidelines. Instructor certification is a formal recognition of your commitment and leadership as a dementia care professional, offering you and/or your employer a competitive advantage.

As a DCC Certified Instructor, you will:

  • Gain the skills to raise the quality of care your participants provide.
  • Distinguish yourself with documented expertise as a dementia care professional.
  • Become part of a peer network for upskilling, problem solving, and best-practice sharing.

How to become a Dementia Capable Care Certified Instructor:

  1. Register for an upcoming Dementia Capable Care training program.
  2. Complete the Dementia Capable Care - Instructor Certification Program.
  3. Complete and pass the Online Certification Exam.

When you successfully complete the Instructor Certification Program, you will become a DCC Certified Instructor and receive the DCC Specialist Credential.

As a Certified Instructor, you will be certified to teach Dementia Capable Care according to your CI agreement guidelines. When your participants complete training, they will also earn the DCC Specialist Credential (see below).

How your participants obtain the Dementia Capable Care Specialist Credential:

When participants successfully complete training delivered by a Certified Instructor, they will earn the DCC Specialist Credential, which formally recognizes their ability to apply the concepts of the Dementia Capable Care program.

Additionally, Dementia Capable Care Specialist Credential Training is available as a modified offering of the full Dementia Capable Care program for practitioners wanting additional training and credentialing for their own professional development. This training program is delivered directly from a DCS Global Professional Instructor and is designed for individuals who wish to receive the DCC Specialist Credential without a need to train others.

For more information about Dementia Capable Care, and the differences between the DCC Instructor Certification Program and DCC Specialist Credential Training, view our FAQ.

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